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We understand that repairs to your vehicle can sometimes be costly and that the money may not always be available.  With our  Auto Repair Financing program, you can get up to $3000.00 in repairs done right away and make monthly payments over time.  

  • Repairs must cost a minimum of $1000 and must include a warranty.
  • Your repair bill is now broken into easy-to-pay monthly payments!

Q: My credit isn't the best. Can I still get a loan?

A: Yes!  We deal with customers who have had all types of credit issues in the past.  Chances are, your situation isn't as bad as you think. 

Q: Do I Need a Job?

A: We do not require that you have a job, but we do need to see some form of income.  This could be a pension, Employment Insurance, Disability, etc.

Q: How long is the term of the loan?

A: All repair loans are for one year terms.  

Q: Why do I need a warranty?

A: If you're spending significant money on your vehicle, we want you to protect your investment.  

Q: What kinds of vehicles qualify for the program?

A: There are exceptions to every rule but, generally, the cost of the loan must not exceed the value of the car. 

*Subject to change without notice*